Another Year…

Well dear reader,

Almost another year passed and we are entering in to December 2021. In many ways it feels like it was yesterday we had cold temperatures and snow but a year passes quickly.

A year to remember as a year filled with challenges due to present global situation with lack of space and equipment in many trade-lanes. A year filled with inovative solutions for our customers were we in old fashion style went back to arrange conventional shipments instead of using containers for handling huge volumes of cargo.

This year we have been asked to perform on all modes of transport by using, air, ocean both as container and conventional shipments as well as ground transportations by truck and rail. A better sum up will follow towards the end of the year but it’s been a great year despite global pandemics and what not but the guts feeling is that we are sailing towards better times and a healthier enviroment.

So dear reader please enjoy some of the pics showing various challenges but also some pics showing where we are presently moving closer to Christmas and again a New Year.

I am certain the New Year will also hold a lot of challenges but our team is ready to take them on one by one to make our growth good by satisfying our customers various needs.

Welcome to our group and we will appreciate having you as a customer and partner also in the future.
Ps, we also took the liberty to include some words we use here at the front-side of Sweden namely Gothenburg, enjoy….

Its Time For Global Project

Its Time For Global Project

Dear reader,

It is time again to handle global projects.
This time it is shipments being manufactured in Serbia, shipped out of Croatia and delivered in Usa. All for a Swedish customer.

A lot of planning is behind this load and towards medio August 2021 it was time to start all action.

Heaviest pcs is about 50 tons and longest length is about 28 meters with glaswall-sidings.
We are of course proud to state that after all planning and arrangements it all went 100% as planned.

Now shipment is loaded and on it’s way so within a few weeks from now the ship will arrive it’s destination and our partners are ready to effect import customs clearance and assist with local arrangements for our customer. It is truly great to be given trust to perform and again it is being proven that a local forwarder in Sweden can get global action involving several countries and people to meet the demands that a shipment of this dignity demands.

BJORA Group is here to assist and our statements are, no job is to big. Give us a try and you will be surprised what we can effect not only in Sweden but also on the global platform.

Welcome to BJORA Group AB

The Great Life…

The Great Life…

Dear reader,

The first six months of 2021 has gone and we are presently in what we in Scandinavia refer to as High-Summer.
Temperature’s are quite nice, sunny clear skies, long days and bright nights.
In many way you can say life is great right now.

First six months has meant a lot of work (as usual) but good fruitful work leading to development so we wish to extend a warm and healthy thank you to all our customers and partners for your strong support and trust that you show our company.
Together with that we wish to show some nice summer pictures some related to work and some related to the great life we all deserve to live right now in the summer time.

To you all have a great summer 2021 and rest out, the fall will be as challenging as we all want and together we will reach new goals and developments.

The story of Tinplates

The story of Tinplates

Earlier this winter/spring we stated that we got a mission for one of our customers, to arrange a part-chartered vessel out of Kaohsiung in Taiwan to Sweden with about 775 tons Tinplates.

The vessel loaded in Kaohsiung first week of March and arrived in Sweden (Gavle) end of April. Unloading of the products and dedicated truck’s to their plant to make sure our customer did not got a stop in their production.

All want well and both we and our customer was happy with the result.

The majority of the cargo was loaded on to railcars to do the last journey to Gothenburg and the interim storage we do have here at our bonded warehouse for them.

All in all 24 railcars were chartered and safely unloaded here from were the cargo now is feed daily to our customers production unit.

So, this is how it all works when synergies and efforts are put in to effect and that we do perform tailor-made solutions to all our customers demands and requests.

Life is good to be a forwarder…..



August 21-2020.

Dear reader,
Presently we do have extreme volumes to handle in our own warehouse which we are quite happy about.
In order to provide service to all our customers we are happy to announce that with assistance of our partners like Mattssons we can still increase volumes a bit and also top of what we call overloads.
In this case a 40′ container containing dry-food-stuff.

We brought the container to their facility after customs clearance, unloaded the container and re-packed 22 sea-pallets to ordinary EU-pallets, loaded same on a trailer and performed delivery to the end user.
Logistics at it’s perfection.
Thanks to all involved for a well performed work in the line of duty to our customers.
If you not yet tried our various services and flexibility we wish to welcome you to try out our service.
We are here for you…………………



August 21-2020.

Tradition in Sweden during the months of August is to host a Crawfish-party, so also this year and the entire crew of BJORA / Borlind enjoyed each others company during the evening.

A lot of songs and also some good snapses and bear was taken together with this very, very Swedish tradition.

Needless to say but needs to be said, also as the tradition demands a lot of singing was done and to all of us who attended our songs could really improve or we could at least try to sing the same song…………hahaha.

This is just how it should be, a joyful evening with good food and a lot of laughs in the name of good and hardworking colleges.

The team is normally only work together but our aim is also have fun so an evening like this a few times every year helps out to keep the team-efforts even harder and closer.

To you ut there who has not tried us out yet, feel warm welcome to challenge us. We are ready for it.

However you do not need to hear us sing, that might spoil the trust………….hahaha.

Team BJORA / Borlind

Team BJORA / Borlind

Team BJORA / Borlind have own rail-connection straight into to our own backyard.

This is one of the reasons we are given this opportunity.

One of our customers do import from Denmark and Germany to Sweden.
Commodity is Bricks on pallets.

A study together with our customer has resulted in a scenario were we are given the opportunity to start sending their products on rail instead of by trailer.

This is of course not only a long term reduction of costs it is also a very, very environmental save for us all.

The pictures taken is from Denmark when we during week 20 in 2020 travelled to the manufacturer to oversee the loading on trailer and to follow same to the port in Kolding for re-loading on railcar with destination BJORA / Borlind in Gothenburg.

The railcar can load 64 metric tons and we maximized the loading to 81 pallets (each 790 kg) so in total we filled the wagon with 63 990 kg.

As close as ever possible to maximation of the unit.

The intention is to continue this newly opened service and to move many, many wagons for this customer and in a day or two the wagon will arrive for unloading by us and distribution to building site in Gothenburg.

This is how we work together with our customers,

Listen to their requests, investigating possibilities, presenting solutions and last but not least we make sure that what is promised also is delivered.

Thank you so much dear customer for letting us handle this and for the challenge to be a bit innovative for future forthcomings.

Enjoy the pics and story.

Hard Times…

Hard Times…

Dear reader,

Despite hard and tuff times presently, the life of a forwarder is always hard and tuff so in a way we are all used to it. In tuff times we take on new challenges to maintain our scope to always be there for our customers.

Like the past months were a number of new customers turned themselves to us to start using our services and as stated by them, “we strongly believe in your philosophy to act quick towards requests and always try to find solutions”.

These are all nice words and we are happy to know that our customers do trust, like what we do to develop.

The attached pics are taken on our backyard and some shows that despite present situation we are going towards spring and a little easier life hopefully.

To you dear reader, we are happy that you constantly visit our FB and WEB-pages and in particular right now when so many of you are working from home or just isolated yourself from the outside world. This gives you something to read and study.


Thanks for your continuously support and trust.

Stay safe………….from all of us.

2 pcs bathrooms to Dubai.

2 pcs bathrooms to Dubai.

Once again we were challenged to handle extreme dimensional cargo.

Weight 15 metric tons each and 8,60 x 3,26 x 3,75 meters (LxWxH).

Considering the free height in Sweden (4,50 meter) this cargo was forced to be picked-up by using a lowboy trailer and escorts to get it as close as possible to the port-gate. We brought the cargo to one of our partners where we discharged and reloaded the cargo on to flatrack containers.

The bathrooms modules were lashed down to the flats with about 200 tons pressure on each. While travelling last distance to port we were about 5,70 meter high.

Result ?
Well all well perform by all involved and the cargo is in place for being shipped out of Gothenburg by tomorrow.
Thank you to all involved and who made this work possible for us and our customer.


Another great challenge we performed by Team BJORA / Borlind and it’s partners.

To you dear reader, welcome with your challenges we promise to find solutions to your needs.