An Spectacular shipment …

Spectacular and very, very urgent shipment by air.

One of our customers informed us about the importance of finding a quick and price-worthy solution to move seven tanks ex Sweden to Usa and the Mississippi delta.

The solution was found and last week while having one of the beautiful days with snow we did load the cargo and got it onboard a plane in to Atlanta. BJORA’s own surveyor went to the airport to supervise the unloading and loading on lowboy trailers and made sure that the cargo was properly measured before the trucks departed.

The cargo incl trailer was just below the legal limit in Usa which is 4,0 meters and our cargo was 3,98 meters. Well an overnight trip of about 5 hours and next morning at 7.00 am delivery was made without and trouble.

A well performed work of BJORA and it’s partners Door to Door in one hand.

We want more challenges………..we simply love this.

Welcome to try us out.

January 2019…

January 2019, still winter season but quite normal not so much snow….yet.
In any case the New Year starts rapidly and we have a big growth in using of our railyard which leads straight in to our backyard, sheds etc.

A new customer providing huge volumes has joined us and during two weeks we will handle approx 1450 tons via our warehouse where loading in to containers commence.

In combination to what we already do in our terminal this is just the extra we been dreaming about.
It feels like 2019 will be a hectic and good year. As long as the snow not appear heavily in our area it seems like any ordinary day for work but a bit colder…..

Of course we are grateful for bringing onboard a new big customer and the equipment and skills we already have in place so again dear valued customer challenge us we are ready are you ?

Welcome to BJORA / Borlind team.

Bjora / Borlind team’s Christmas Party 2018.

On Dec 07 we all arrange our traditional Christmas Party as well as organized our Christmas Picture to be sent to all of you customers later.

We were spending the entire evening together with a short and sweet before-party in our office and then continued at Gothia Towers to eat and drink the Christmas buffet and enjoy the great view of Gothenburg.

After eating we went to our amusement park for a five-station competition so enjoy the pictures, each competitor who end up last in any event was given a nice pair of ears to wear during the evening.

Good fun and well deserved each and everybody and a great thank you to the organizer for the evening Mrs Ida.

Soon Christmas for us all to enjoy, before that however a lot of various tasks to be performed for our customers so the week ahead of Christmas will be just as normal.

Full week…

Matter of facts …

Borlind is an old company and our building as well as our yard needs to be looked properly after.
Consequently during the past three years a lot of investments has been effected and why stop when it is so much fun ?
Lately we are giving our office an entire facelift, at same time when we re-organized our organization.
Entry-hallway, office rooms as well as kitchen and washrooms has been re-model to better fit our needs and to indeed look much better.

Many hours has been spent to get it all arranged and you need to appreciate that we actually did all this work ourselves.
A Freight Forwarders life is a lot of things…..not only to send cargo on a global basis, we also do home-decoration for us all to have a nice environment to perform our work in.

We strongly believe in the future and so do our customers who by their trust in us give us challenges daily for which we are grateful.

The future is ours but remember it is together with you our customers that we build this further.