Business trip to Montreal in Canada

Business trip to Montreal in Canada

Week no 5 of 2020.

A short and sweet business trip to Montreal in Canada. We were invited to spend a week with our (since July 2019) new agent in the Americas. The beautiful city of Montreal offered us various weather with everything from cold temperatures like minus 17 C in the mornings to approx. plus 3 C and snowfall.

So many things were dealt with such as approx. 40 individual meetings with key-crew and management as well as a general presentation to abut 45 people about Sweden and Scandinavia.

Last but not least we offered them all a special treatment with

“Swedish Fika”.

One evening we also had the pleasure in attending a hockey game between the Canadians and the Capitals. Hockey night in Canada is a very special happening so we enjoyed to the full.

Like always time flies and after four days it was time to say goodbye to next time and to go on the plane to return to Sweden.

All impressions we got during our trip was indeed great and we can see that our agent has a great set up and is indeed one of the fastest growing transportation companies on the American continent.

Thanks to you all for entrusted us to be your agent in Scandinavia.

Magical date for us all…

Magical date for us all…

Thursday evening 2020-01-16.


Magical date for us all, as we invested in time / money for an HLR = Heart-Lung-Resque education in our office.
The entire crew was present and we were given the possibility to practice eventual scenario’s like if a person is getting in to a cardiac arrest as well as as if a person simply can not bread by himself.


Two hours was invested and we was also shown how to use a Defibrillator if bad things occur in our area. The intention is to get our entire group of companies to a common education and awareness of how to act if worst comes to worst.

For you our customers, note not only cargo needs to be handled in a correct way, also human beings needs the correct treatment so now we are also educated for this.


This is how we work, as one unit and regardless of situation we always act together for making things as good as we ever can.


We are proud of this and the Certificate hanging on our wall is well proof of that we know what is expected from us.

Visitors from the American continent

Visitors from the American continent

Dear reader,
Gothenburg is preparing for winter and Christmas.

Past week we have had visitors in from our (since this summer) new agent on the American continent. A lot of fruitful discussions and future has been discussed and also a few customers has been visited.

We also had the opportunity to invite our agent to one of Swedish most traditional meals namely the Swedish…
“Jul-Bord” = Christmas buffet.

Well we all enjoyed the visit and together with this agent we are sure to reach new levels in our aim to please , and as always behind all global systems and efforts it is the people behind it. The team that we do work together with is just what we want. People with knowledge and who are willing to go the extra miles for getting the jobs properly done for our customers.

We do look forward to a developng and challenging 2020.