Visitors from the American continent

Visitors from the American continent

Dear reader,
Gothenburg is preparing for winter and Christmas.

Past week we have had visitors in from our (since this summer) new agent on the American continent. A lot of fruitful discussions and future has been discussed and also a few customers has been visited.

We also had the opportunity to invite our agent to one of Swedish most traditional meals namely the Swedish…
“Jul-Bord” = Christmas buffet.

Well we all enjoyed the visit and together with this agent we are sure to reach new levels in our aim to please , and as always behind all global systems and efforts it is the people behind it. The team that we do work together with is just what we want. People with knowledge and who are willing to go the extra miles for getting the jobs properly done for our customers.

We do look forward to a developng and challenging 2020.

2019 almost over…

2019 almost over…

So dear Reader and Follower,

The fall 2019 is almost over, we are entering into the wintertime with all that this can and will bring. The first truck from our new supplier of fuel has delivered the earlier informed about environmental-friendly fuel to us.
All arrangements and focus for us on the environment is now in full bloom in our entire organization. This is of course also valid among our partners, for making sure that we also in the future will have our Four Seasons here on earth.

The pictures shown is of course on our beautiful city and also on our own backyard plus one of our closest vendors. If we all do what we need to do, we will be successful and we shall all remember that we only have one world so lets do what we can to promote the environment.

In about 4 – 5 weeks we all might meet Santa and provided that we all done our hard work and been nice there might be gifts to us all.

This is the gift we have chosen to give to us all and the environment.

26th of October — By cars South in Sweden to Osterlen

26th of October — By cars South in Sweden to Osterlen

Dear reader;

Saturday 26th of October the entire team gathered outside our office at 06.45 to go by car South in Sweden to Osterlen.
We booked ourselves for a two day conference and in Swedish called “TILLSAMMANS HELG”. On the agenda was a two hour meeting to discuss our future and plan our activities further.
Then a championship in “BOULE”

The host for this event was RAVLUNDA BRANNERI and Mr Christer Nylander with crew.
All of us felt so extremely welcome and everything was a true pleasure, the environment, the hotel, the rooms and last but not least the food.

The weekend went quick and a lot of new experiences and feelings gained by us all. The time spent together was exactly what we needed. Outside our own world, enjoying the company of each other and to share a lot of laugh’s and some good drinks. We wish at this point say thank you to all crew for spending your time at this event and we are certain that this will continue to take us forward and getting ready to take on new challenges.

To you dear customer, friend and partner.
This is how we plan our future by spending time together and to evaluate our own performances compared to the demands we have from our dear customers.


Welcome to continue to challenge us, we are ready.



Dear reader,
Team BJORA / Borlind takes next step in to the future,

Daily all of us can read about various enviromental changes and that we need to take better care of our planet. As such we have decided after studies of various products to change our present fuel for our machines that serves you and us in our warehouse.

We will effective 2019-11-01 replace our present diesel to a much more enviromental friendly fuel namely ECOPAR. EcoPar A is then a synthetic paraffin oil, 100% based on residual gas, which gives radically cleaner emissions than diesel & also has a lot of other benefits.

  • Meets, as the only environmentally friendly alternative, the diesel standard EN590, with all  engine guarantees valid regardless
  • Can never form a bacterium in a tank – guarantees safe operation & especially interesting if you run seasonal operations
  • Has a storage guarantee of up to 10 years
  • Has a higher energy value than the alternatives, which usually means a lower consumption
  • Reduces emissions of carcinogenic substances by as much as 90%!
  • Reduces emissions of climate-negative substances, carbon dioxide by about 40% & nitrogen dioxide by about 60%!
  • Is completely non-toxic to all aquatic organisms – if the accident occurs, the Emergency Rescue Service does not need to get called in, nature takes care of the eventual leak with its own resources
  • Contains no soot & particles, which is beneficial for both filter & engine oil and the engine system as a whole
  • Is a little fatter than diesel & therefore lubricates the engine better
  • Is odorless

Our reasons for this is several but the most important once is that we wish to continue being an innovative company, always looking out for possibilities to try out new methods in serving our customers and partners.

We also wish to be in the lead when it comes to the enviromental progresses and to make sure that our staff as well as our customers cargo is handled in correct ways and with the best possible machines that has best and lowest effect on our enviroment. 

Dear customer, we say thank you for your support and state that you can asure we as your local serviceprovider do what we can to make sure that your needs are looked after properly and that we also and continously study what can be changed to be a innovative company with aims on service and enviroment.