Dear reader,
Team BJORA / Borlind takes next step in to the future,

Daily all of us can read about various enviromental changes and that we need to take better care of our planet. As such we have decided after studies of various products to change our present fuel for our machines that serves you and us in our warehouse.

We will effective 2019-11-01 replace our present diesel to a much more enviromental friendly fuel namely ECOPAR. EcoPar A is then a synthetic paraffin oil, 100% based on residual gas, which gives radically cleaner emissions than diesel & also has a lot of other benefits.

  • Meets, as the only environmentally friendly alternative, the diesel standard EN590, with all  engine guarantees valid regardless
  • Can never form a bacterium in a tank – guarantees safe operation & especially interesting if you run seasonal operations
  • Has a storage guarantee of up to 10 years
  • Has a higher energy value than the alternatives, which usually means a lower consumption
  • Reduces emissions of carcinogenic substances by as much as 90%!
  • Reduces emissions of climate-negative substances, carbon dioxide by about 40% & nitrogen dioxide by about 60%!
  • Is completely non-toxic to all aquatic organisms – if the accident occurs, the Emergency Rescue Service does not need to get called in, nature takes care of the eventual leak with its own resources
  • Contains no soot & particles, which is beneficial for both filter & engine oil and the engine system as a whole
  • Is a little fatter than diesel & therefore lubricates the engine better
  • Is odorless

Our reasons for this is several but the most important once is that we wish to continue being an innovative company, always looking out for possibilities to try out new methods in serving our customers and partners.

We also wish to be in the lead when it comes to the enviromental progresses and to make sure that our staff as well as our customers cargo is handled in correct ways and with the best possible machines that has best and lowest effect on our enviroment. 

Dear customer, we say thank you for your support and state that you can asure we as your local serviceprovider do what we can to make sure that your needs are looked after properly and that we also and continously study what can be changed to be a innovative company with aims on service and enviroment.


Logistics at a high level.

Logistics at a high level.

BJORA Group got an extremely important and urgent shipment to handle from it’s overseas agent.
Very, very special equipment for mining from Canada to one of the big mines in Lulea. People flown in from Canada as well as representatives from the Swedish government was there to inspect the goods.

Biggest pcs was about 8000 kg and dims of 4,77 x 2,24 x 2,59 meter (LxWxH). This shipment went by air from Canada to Sweden via the continent and was delivered to the Borlind warehouse in Gothenburg last Wednesday September 18.

Like in many cases the measurements of the cargo was not correct so we had to remove the roof of the case in order to fit the case on the trailer, real height of the case was 2,71 meter. Due to the size of the shipment the carrier also decided to split the shipment so of course like in many cases like this the cargo did arrive late into Gothenburg in Sweden.

So after customs clearance at our warehouse, we loaded the cargo on one of our eminent House-truckers trailers (Mattssons Akeri AB). Their driver named Hakan and called Gurra was given the job to deliver the cargo asap to Lulea.

Deadline was noon at Saturday 2019-09-21.
Thursday morning we all waited for one more case of this shipment to be delivered to us, but this cargo did now arrive in time due to bad handling at the continent which made it miss the trailer to Sweden.

Thursday morning at 08.30 Mr Gurra placed himself in the drivers seat and started his trip 1250 km single way to Lulea. As always by using this trucker we can take a deep breath and relay on that cargo will get there in time.

By Friday morning at 09.00 we speak to Mr Gurra and was told everything went extremely well and that cargo would reach it’s consignee at around 14.00 same day.

Yes you are reading it correctly. The cargo did arrive it’s destination at 14.00 on Friday September 20.
By 14.40 we get a phonecall from consignee stating all offloaded and that Mr Gurra could start his journey back to the Swedish front side of Sweden namely Gothenburg.

Later same evening we get another mail stating that the big machine and the parts delivered now been un-packed and installed. At this point we could inform our agent of a well performed work and that the cargo was delivered about 20 hours before deadline.

So we at BJORA Group did a high-five noted that we thru our partners provide good and exact service to our customers.

We wish at this point to say thank you to everybody involved in making this shipment to a success instead of a failure and at same time stating.

This is how we work for our customers and partners.

Hard and loyal work leads us together to a great future.


The funny & Challenging 2019…

The funny & Challenging 2019…

Dear reader,

2019 has been a very fun and challenging year so far when it comes to different type of cargo handling.
A modern Forwarder and Warehouse needs to be prepared for all kind of handling and so we are.
Weekly we handle not only the basic export products from Sweden and Scandinavia we also handle very special cargo such as hightech products, dangerous goods etc thru our warehouse in Gothenburg and as well overseas.

This is one of the benefits our numerous customers gain by using us, they can always relay upon our expertise and knowledge, locally and globally. We say so many times we are a local company but we do work Internationally and Globally together with our selected partners and long term friends.

Simple facts are, we are here for you and your cargo, we do go the extra mile to make sure your products are handled to perfection.

Welcome to continuously challenge us.

Mr Per-Ove Andersson

Mr Per-Ove Andersson

Dear reader,
Said by me earlier this year, 2019 include a lot of celebrations to deal with.
A Saturday evening in the middle of July the management-team of BJORA invited our Dear Per-Ove Andersson to an island dinner at Hono just outside Gothenburg.

Reason of course an important Birthday for this man and since many years close friend.
Undersigned and P-O has been working together for a bit over 40 years and with a friendship and long lasting relation it is important to honor him.

The entire BJORA / Borlind team do appreciate him not only as a very good college with great knowledge but also as a dear friend.

So Dear P-O trust you liked our idea and that we all wanted to share an evening together in one of the best environments here on our Swedish Westcoast.

We all wish you to be with us for many, many more years.
Con Gratulations Dear P-O.

The assignment from Mr Pal Svensson

The assignment from Mr Pal Svensson

Earlier article on our web.
Dear reader, once again it has been proven that knowhow is essential in global trade.
The assignment we got fm Mr Pal Svensson earlier this year to transport his sculpture door to door Sweden / Usa turned out to perfection.

Below is what the Swedish news paper wrote in their article on same.
The entire work was performed by the BJORA / Borlind team and for sure a bit Swedish history has been made….
Thanks Mr Pal Svensson for your trust in us.

Den 3,5 ton tunga skulpturen har emballerats, byggts in i en trälåda, placerats i en container och skeppats från Göteborg över Atlanten till Georgia. Därifrån har den fraktats med lastbil den sista biten till Alabama där den nu har blivit rest på sin tilltänkta plats.

– Det känns fantastiskt. Det var en riktigt rolig upplevelse, säger skulptören Pål Svensson.
Den amerikanske beställaren är barnbarn till svenskar som utvandrade till Chicago och sedan flyttade ner till Alabama. Där har de i flera generationer haft ett möbelföretag.
– Det är den där filantropiska andan, att man vill göra något för sin hemstad, säger Pål Svensson om donationen.
Det var Pål Svenssons gallerist i Chicago som haft kontakt med den amerikanske mecenaten och visade honom bilder på en mindre version av skulpturen. Amerikanen var på jakt efter något som han kunde skänka till konstmuseet i hans hemstad Alabama.

– Jag är otroligt fascinerad över hur han var så bestämd. Att ha en bra beställare är guld värt. Han tyckte att det var så roligt att det var en svensk som gjorde den. Pål Svenssons skulptur i formen av en evighetsåtta är nu skeppad och på plats i USA.. Bild: Pål Svensson
Platsen är en damm i museets trädgård som fått växa till sig under tio år i väntan på en skulptur.
– Det var bara själva storleken de önskade. Den var anpassad efter häckarna och den mur som omgav trädgården.
Pål Svensson tycker sig i dag se ett ökat intresse för skulpturer i sten.
– Vi lägger mycket tid och pengar på det offentliga rummet. Då vill man ha sten för att det står emot så bra. Man vill ha det gediget och man vill ha svensk sten. Det har även visat sig lönande då det skapar en fin miljö.
LÄS MER: Pål Svenssons lysande altare i återinvigd kyrka
Pål Svensson har sedan åtta år tillbaka jobbat för att etablera ett permanent Stenens Hus i Hunnebostrand där man ska kunna lära sig mer om sten.

– Folk tycker ju om att ha något vettigt att göra på semestern och inte bara sola och bada. Graniten är en väldigt stor del av norra Bohuslän. Det är ju den röda och den grå graniten som har gett folk arbete. Det är centrum för svensk stenindustri.
Från och med den 12 juli ställer Pål Svensson ut i sin ateljé i Ulebergshamn. Varje dag kommer han att hålla i visningar där han berättar om sitt arbete utifrån modeller, fria skulpturer och foton