Winter Is Gone…

Dear reader,

Winter is gone, spring is here, and we Team BJORA / Borlind are luckily enough overwelmed with work. All our sheds are basically full right now and huge volumes are handled. An example is our warehouse where a few new accounts joined us and were we presently among others handle a transloading of almost 1100 tons = 53 x 40′ cotainers within one week straight fm railcar to containers.

The pics also shows great filled containers with consol cargo that we discharge daily together with all other tasks we fulfill for our customers. The investments we did during the winter pays off and all this together with the spring makes us all enjoy both work and weather. It feels rather good to be able to state that we do look positively at the future and all it’s challenges that we get from our customers.

This is what the Freight Forwarding life is all about.

If you who not yet used us or contacted our team have any doubt of our skills.
Feel free to contact us at all levels we are here for you.

Proud Sponsors !!!!

CON Gratulations To Gothenburg Hockey Team.

Yesterday 2019-05-02 Västra Frölunda (VFHC) became for the fifth time Swedish Campions in Hockey.

Our entire company celebrates and honor this team for it’s efforts.

Art’s and Craft’s…

April 2019, BJORA Group undertook and very, very  special transport.

Swedish Art Artist Mr Pål Svensson created a unique piece of Swedish DiaBas about 4000 kg, to be sent to a Museum of Fine Arts in Auburn, Alabama, Usa. BJORA arranged all physical handling and packing of the art right here at our own backyard and with our own specialized crew.

It took the Artist about one year to create the pcs and we are proud that we were selected to handle all arrangements from manufacturer to buyer. The transport will of course not take a year, but everything round the transport such as building a customized wooden box by approved timber. Special blocking and bracing inside the box as well as all handling.

A piece like this is basically priceless and the manor is to deliver it without any mistakes along the journey.
Once again Team BJORA / Borlind been challenged and proved that we are equipped to handle basically all types of cargo.


Spring time is getting closer….
To hold and work a complete bonded warehouse in the heart of Gothenburg means that every now and then Maintenance is forced and needed.

The day has come when we needed to repair some surface inside our sheds and also our Entre-road.
For the first time in several years the ground is now 100 % flat and looks actually quite nice.
On our entrance we have heavy traffic daily and about 100 containers and trailers pass per day so no doubt the road is being hit hard with heavy weights daily.

In the shed that we repaired we normally store up to 1500 tons so that is also a spot which takes on heavy burdens.
Anyways, we wish that all our customers shall enjoy making visits to us and to continue to entrust us handling their cargo in a clean and safe environment.

We are proud to share what we do for you all our customers and visitors.

Project bound for Prague…

Discharge in Hamburg of project bound for Prague.
As earlier noted this shipment was shipped on one of the largest container vessels that presently sail.
Cargo was picked up in China and shipped via Hamburg, Germany to be on-forwarded to the airport in Praque, Tjeckia.

Working in the port of Hamburg, it must be noted that their efficiency is great and their equipment for handling cargo is extreme.

All work performed to excellence and end user was happy to receive his cargo in… Praque.
Again a well performed work by BJORA Group and it’s partners.

Thank you team…………….