Traffic Tech International

Traffic Tech International

Dear valuable customer, vendor and friend.

It is with great honor that we today can introduce you to our new owners.

Traffic Tech International is a North American company with Headquarters in Chicago and Montreal.
Their decision to explore and develop in Europe made it possible for us to be a part of their organization for whom we been the official agent for three (3) years here in Scandinavia.

For you as a customer to BJORA Group AB and or Borlind Bersen & Co AB we earlier informed that we merged the two companies together to be BJORA Borlind AB. This became in effect last days of April 2022.

Now with start from 2022-05-01 we belong to the above mentioned company namely Traffic Tech.
For you, this will mean business as always and before but with the knowledge that our company now have a strong International owner who just like us shares the tradition to go the extra miles for satisfying our customers.

Monday morning May 02 we received a group of people from the European head-office ex Amsterdam who spent three days together with us and for sure welcomed us onboard the Traffic Tech vessel. Great and three full days with a lot of strategy and plans for our mutual future was the result. Proudly we are now a part of a bigger group which will make us reach next levels in the forwarding life.

In Sweden it is the same crew as you been used to deal with and noted shall that we during 2021 pro-younged our crew to be better prepared for the future. That means of course not that we (the older generation) no longer is there. What it means is that we in combination develop our company to form a new generation young forwarders who put their aim on the word’s service and customer orientation in the first room. Now also having an International company behind our back to make us grow and invent possibilities for a great future.

So, as always we are happy for your trust and gratitude to use our various services and together with you we see the future as bright and crystal clear. This despite all happenings on the globe right now.


Welcome to join our present and future team, keep on challenging us we love that and we also promise to continue working hard to satisfy your future needs.


Sincerely yours,

BJORA Borlind AB / Traffic Tech.