The Future

Dear reader,


New management but business as usual…………and aim for the future.


After 45 years in the Forwarding Industry and various leading positions it is time for me and us to make some changes,

 Within our group of companies we a few years back in time decided to make a change in lead of the group.

 The magical date was set to be April 01-2022.

From this day and forward Mrs Ida Grev will commence and take over the responsibilities as Managing Director of BJORA Group AB, and to lead the group into the future. She together with her newly established management team consisting of Mrs Anna Lundgren in the position as Operations Manager and Mr Erik Karlsson as Director Finances and Administration is now to be seen as the future of the group.


Mr Johan Bjorklund will remain in the group as Senior Advisor for a few more years, assisting the new management team, based on his experience over the past 4,5 decades.

 Of course we say well deserved and congratulations to Ida and her new team to the nominations.

In a world full of changes this is for sure the right move, to prepare for a very special and quite challenging future in an old team but with a new lead into the next coming decades by a younger generation. All the best wishes to the team.

And for you dear customer, for you and us it will be business as usual and by that even a little harder focus on the future and development of our abilities to serve our customers in a never changing world.


As always, you are most welcome to challenge us and rest a sure we are committed to service and solution findings.