Another Year…

Well dear reader,

Almost another year passed and we are entering in to December 2021. In many ways it feels like it was yesterday we had cold temperatures and snow but a year passes quickly.

A year to remember as a year filled with challenges due to present global situation with lack of space and equipment in many trade-lanes. A year filled with inovative solutions for our customers were we in old fashion style went back to arrange conventional shipments instead of using containers for handling huge volumes of cargo.

This year we have been asked to perform on all modes of transport by using, air, ocean both as container and conventional shipments as well as ground transportations by truck and rail. A better sum up will follow towards the end of the year but it’s been a great year despite global pandemics and what not but the guts feeling is that we are sailing towards better times and a healthier enviroment.

So dear reader please enjoy some of the pics showing various challenges but also some pics showing where we are presently moving closer to Christmas and again a New Year.

I am certain the New Year will also hold a lot of challenges but our team is ready to take them on one by one to make our growth good by satisfying our customers various needs.

Welcome to our group and we will appreciate having you as a customer and partner also in the future.
Ps, we also took the liberty to include some words we use here at the front-side of Sweden namely Gothenburg, enjoy….