Dear reader,

It is time again to handle global projects.
This time it is shipments being manufactured in Serbia, shipped out of Croatia and delivered in Usa. All for a Swedish customer.

A lot of planning is behind this load and towards medio August 2021 it was time to start all action.

Heaviest pcs is about 50 tons and longest length is about 28 meters with glaswall-sidings.
We are of course proud to state that after all planning and arrangements it all went 100% as planned.

Now shipment is loaded and on it’s way so within a few weeks from now the ship will arrive it’s destination and our partners are ready to effect import customs clearance and assist with local arrangements for our customer. It is truly great to be given trust to perform and again it is being proven that a local forwarder in Sweden can get global action involving several countries and people to meet the demands that a shipment of this dignity demands.

BJORA Group is here to assist and our statements are, no job is to big. Give us a try and you will be surprised what we can effect not only in Sweden but also on the global platform.

Welcome to BJORA Group AB