Dear reader;

Saturday 26th of October the entire team gathered outside our office at 06.45 to go by car South in Sweden to Osterlen.
We booked ourselves for a two day conference and in Swedish called “TILLSAMMANS HELG”. On the agenda was a two hour meeting to discuss our future and plan our activities further.
Then a championship in “BOULE”

The host for this event was RAVLUNDA BRANNERI and Mr Christer Nylander with crew.
All of us felt so extremely welcome and everything was a true pleasure, the environment, the hotel, the rooms and last but not least the food.

The weekend went quick and a lot of new experiences and feelings gained by us all. The time spent together was exactly what we needed. Outside our own world, enjoying the company of each other and to share a lot of laugh’s and some good drinks. We wish at this point say thank you to all crew for spending your time at this event and we are certain that this will continue to take us forward and getting ready to take on new challenges.

To you dear customer, friend and partner.
This is how we plan our future by spending time together and to evaluate our own performances compared to the demands we have from our dear customers.


Welcome to continue to challenge us, we are ready.