BJORA Group got an extremely important and urgent shipment to handle from it’s overseas agent.
Very, very special equipment for mining from Canada to one of the big mines in Lulea. People flown in from Canada as well as representatives from the Swedish government was there to inspect the goods.

Biggest pcs was about 8000 kg and dims of 4,77 x 2,24 x 2,59 meter (LxWxH). This shipment went by air from Canada to Sweden via the continent and was delivered to the Borlind warehouse in Gothenburg last Wednesday September 18.

Like in many cases the measurements of the cargo was not correct so we had to remove the roof of the case in order to fit the case on the trailer, real height of the case was 2,71 meter. Due to the size of the shipment the carrier also decided to split the shipment so of course like in many cases like this the cargo did arrive late into Gothenburg in Sweden.

So after customs clearance at our warehouse, we loaded the cargo on one of our eminent House-truckers trailers (Mattssons Akeri AB). Their driver named Hakan and called Gurra was given the job to deliver the cargo asap to Lulea.

Deadline was noon at Saturday 2019-09-21.
Thursday morning we all waited for one more case of this shipment to be delivered to us, but this cargo did now arrive in time due to bad handling at the continent which made it miss the trailer to Sweden.

Thursday morning at 08.30 Mr Gurra placed himself in the drivers seat and started his trip 1250 km single way to Lulea. As always by using this trucker we can take a deep breath and relay on that cargo will get there in time.

By Friday morning at 09.00 we speak to Mr Gurra and was told everything went extremely well and that cargo would reach it’s consignee at around 14.00 same day.

Yes you are reading it correctly. The cargo did arrive it’s destination at 14.00 on Friday September 20.
By 14.40 we get a phonecall from consignee stating all offloaded and that Mr Gurra could start his journey back to the Swedish front side of Sweden namely Gothenburg.

Later same evening we get another mail stating that the big machine and the parts delivered now been un-packed and installed. At this point we could inform our agent of a well performed work and that the cargo was delivered about 20 hours before deadline.

So we at BJORA Group did a high-five noted that we thru our partners provide good and exact service to our customers.

We wish at this point to say thank you to everybody involved in making this shipment to a success instead of a failure and at same time stating.

This is how we work for our customers and partners.

Hard and loyal work leads us together to a great future.