Dear reader,
Said by me earlier this year, 2019 include a lot of celebrations to deal with.
A Saturday evening in the middle of July the management-team of BJORA invited our Dear Per-Ove Andersson to an island dinner at Hono just outside Gothenburg.

Reason of course an important Birthday for this man and since many years close friend.
Undersigned and P-O has been working together for a bit over 40 years and with a friendship and long lasting relation it is important to honor him.

The entire BJORA / Borlind team do appreciate him not only as a very good college with great knowledge but also as a dear friend.

So Dear P-O trust you liked our idea and that we all wanted to share an evening together in one of the best environments here on our Swedish Westcoast.

We all wish you to be with us for many, many more years.
Con Gratulations Dear P-O.