First six months of the 2019…

First six months of the 2019…

Well dear reader and follower,
Six months runs fast and pretty soon we have done first six months of the new year 2019.
A lot of happenings has occurred in our group of companies a lot of new customer has joined us and that means a lot of new volumes to handle which is really nice.

Some investments has been made to maintain and develop our own infrastructure on our area.
Also internally some of our staff members has reached grateful ages in life and as such we all develop to a… certain degree.
Life is good, there is a lot of challenges for us to take care of both in business and on the private side.
On the business side we are proud that we been able to gain a number of new customers and happy that we get their trust to continue to develop our group of companies.

On the private side, we are happy to have just the crew members that we have in our group. Each and every one is worth so much to us, with their various personalities and knowledge.

Most of all dear reader, we wish to state a thank you for trusting us to handle your cargo and shipments on a local and global level.

We said before we are here to stay but without our customers we will never develop so again thanks your support and we do look forward to the next six months of this year together.

Have a happy summer and return well rested out.