Spectacular and very, very urgent shipment by air.

One of our customers informed us about the importance of finding a quick and price-worthy solution to move seven tanks ex Sweden to Usa and the Mississippi delta.

The solution was found and last week while having one of the beautiful days with snow we did load the cargo and got it onboard a plane in to Atlanta. BJORA’s own surveyor went to the airport to supervise the unloading and loading on lowboy trailers and made sure that the cargo was properly measured before the trucks departed.

The cargo incl trailer was just below the legal limit in Usa which is 4,0 meters and our cargo was 3,98 meters. Well an overnight trip of about 5 hours and next morning at 7.00 am delivery was made without and trouble.

A well performed work of BJORA and it’s partners Door to Door in one hand.

We want more challenges………..we simply love this.

Welcome to try us out.