Global trade

To continue the story of global trade and that cargo moves long distances from manufacturer to user.
The story here is two huge pcs moved ex Sweden to Usa.
Each pcs about 300 metric tons and dimensions like 38 x 18 x 22 meters each (LxWxH) about 15050 cbm per pcs.
This job was trusted to BJORA and it’s partners long time ago and was realize in June / July 2018.
To arrange big shipments like this it takes some extra hours of planning to be able to safely transport a…nd handle to perfection.
hereto is to be noted that we delivered with mm perfection on the quay in Usa were the two bridges are to serve many, many passengers going onboard the cruise-ships for a nice vacation.
Job was performed without damages and to perfection in the beginning of July.
Believe me, the people on the beach was very interested in the cargo onboard the vessel that went anchoring about a mile of shore before entering the port. Just right outside our hotel window. Magical……………
This is how BJORA operates, close cooperation with it’s customers. Every little detail needs to be noted and acted on.
A valid statement from us is, as long as our customers continue to give us trust to move their cargo we will continue our work hand in hand to achieve the best solutions for all kinds of cargo.
Welcome to join our gang…………………