Normally the summer-time is more quite then other parts of the year.

This normally gives us a fair chance to do some maintenance of our facility.

This year due to all the strike situations and other negative things in our industry we are covered with work which by all means is nice and good but like reported before some maintenance is still needed.

2017 in the evenings is the time when we can perform this in order not to stress the issues further.

The pictures shows some more work performed on our entrance to our yard and with the now extra work performed on our driveway we hope and trust that the surface will be good. On top we put some cold asphalt to make it stable.

It is needed as presently we have about 100 vehicles per day entering our driveway to pic-up or delivery goods for our customers.

It is a great development for us and a big thank you to all our customers that gives us the opportunity and your trust to letting us handled the cargo is for sure in order.

The other pictures shows a good view on how our yard looks daily despite it is summer.

Just great.

Welcome to challenge us we are ready for it.