End of August

End of August and part of Europe is still on vacation. Within our companies BJORA / Borlind Group we are happy to announce that we are heavily booked with various orders for our customers and that despite vacation-times or not our days are never boring or short. This weeks handlings is over 95 teus and about 12 railcars plus all other trucks to discharge and or load. Also the work on face-lifting our offices continue and as such the entire team is on their feet to make it happen. Great job, great support so this week dear all we finish off the week with a Crawfish party Scandinavian style.

August 2017

Dear customer and reader,

Late in the summer of 2017, August.

This years weather has not really enjoyed us with nice summer days or warm evening and nights.

However typing this in the middle of the month we still have the possibility of warm late summer days and great evenings so keep all fingers crossed for that.

We within the BJORA / Borlind Group have had a summer we shall remember.

A lot of challenges due to the awful situation in our port but also thanks to our dear customers trust in us and our capability to think outside the box.

Huge volumes have been handled and for such we are grateful to you all.

We also take our chances in proceeding with the facelift of Borlind’s office and of course we do our weekly cleaning of our sheds and yard.

What we wish to have said with this is, we are a service company, we are ready to act on your demands.

We are what people refer to as a ONE STOP SHOP.

Enjoy the pictures and as a last challenge for you, study the last picture, it is a short and sweet dictionary of our special language here in Gothenburg on the Swedish BEST-COAST.

Summer times part 2

As said this summer is an awkward story, due to the troubles in our port a lot of cargo is delayed and in some cases sent to other ports.

We need to use various methods for getting the cargo from other ports then to Gothenburg and in to our own warehouse for discharge.

This all means that from week to week we have extreme amounts of cargo arriving at same time and under high time pressure to get unloaded and delivered.

So far all arrangements has been solved in proper ways but basically all solved under extra ordinary handling.

Also the weather in our area has been awkward this year, sun and rain and low temperatures, not like the summers we are used to.

Still however we do get some very nice evenings which really gives us great sunsets and that in combination to successful work gives you a good feeling by the end of the days.

Summer times!

Normally the summer-time is more quite then other parts of the year.

This normally gives us a fair chance to do some maintenance of our facility.

This year due to all the strike situations and other negative things in our industry we are covered with work which by all means is nice and good but like reported before some maintenance is still needed.

2017 in the evenings is the time when we can perform this in order not to stress the issues further.

The pictures shows some more work performed on our entrance to our yard and with the now extra work performed on our driveway we hope and trust that the surface will be good. On top we put some cold asphalt to make it stable.

It is needed as presently we have about 100 vehicles per day entering our driveway to pic-up or delivery goods for our customers.

It is a great development for us and a big thank you to all our customers that gives us the opportunity and your trust to letting us handled the cargo is for sure in order.

The other pictures shows a good view on how our yard looks daily despite it is summer.

Just great.

Welcome to challenge us we are ready for it.