Dear reader, big celebration, big celebration………

We are happy to inform that BJORA Group AB has reached it’s 2000 assignment during Thursday February 22, 2017. The company is not even two years old but due to you our dear customer we have been able to get our company to another important milestone. How is this then possible you might ask, well……….. Support from customers, vendors, partners make our life easy and for us it is important to state that we are a young …company, were each and every co-worker means something to not only us in the company but also to you dear customer.

We are a company were each and every once efforts to build our company counts. We at same time wish to say, we are engaged everywhere so do not be surprised were you find us, it might be in the most un-expected places. We hope you will find the pictures shown illustrating just this.

Thank you for your support, we are here for you and your demands.

Breakbulk shipments

Today the shipping industry is very focused on containers which sometimes makes it difficult to handle so called oversized cargo.

Within the company BJORA Group we are type of specialists for handling breakbulk which means exra long, wide or high cargo sometimes also having a heavy-weight also.

The pictures shows a special loading we did for one of our customers in the beginning of February 2017.

Cargo is to sail to China and is quite sensitive even if commodity is steel plates.

Togeher with the carrier BJORA worked up a plan to handle and ship and it is extra fun to see the interest shown for this load among the carrier and shipper.

After a number of hours all was loaded safe and without remarks and the vessel could sail as scheduled.

The shipments also included a number of extra wide flatrack containers which is shown a little bit on last picture.

BJORA Group had on this vessel a bit over 160 teu’s shipped.

We are a young company, but we have the knowledge and willingness to work up plans with our customer to effectivly handle their cargo to make sure that Swedish export goods is delivered safe and without remarks and also to the right price.

Welcome to try us out………….we are here to serve.

New Entrance!

An early Saturday morning in February 2017 it was finally time to do something about our entrance.

During the years and due to the location of our warehouse (Götaälvdalen in Gothenburg) our road in to our warehouse has been partly demolished by all heavy traffic.

However a new year and new investments, to make sure that our customers cargo arrive here in proper way and that our vendors delivering goods to us are happy with our facility.

The result turned out nicely and after a number of hours a new road was crated.

Welcome to Borlinds now we are even more proud then Before.