The life of a forwarder never gets boring or impossible. Like we said before no challange nor task never will be to hard to handle or find solutions to. As long as there is people engaged and willing to do the extra efforts to make things happen. We do presently act on one of our customers needs to recieve cargo and transload and send to other functional ports in a great tempo…. Like start working at 05.00 am to unload railcars, to continue and load cargo in to containers at 07.00 am and to send forward by truck at 09.00 am. Volume about 200 tons all handled, secured seaworthy and onforwarded at a minimum time and with great efforts by our staff. This is how TeamWork function…………….. Thanks for the chance given to show what we are made of and the chance to challange ourselves. Try it out you to challange us, we are here for you