On last occasion we told about the celebration at BJORA / Borlind on the St.Lucia day.

The visit from Santa and his deer Rudolf was quite successful among the staff, it became so successful that Santa and his favorite Rudolf decided to stay at site and to start working in the warehouse.

On below pictures you will find some pictures from their first day, performing work in the warehouse of BJORA / Borlind.

The first assignment was in the section of pick and pack, then it was container loading and forklift driving. Last but not least Santa needed to treat Rudolf by scratching his ears.

All a happy sunshine story, but that is the way it shall work getting closer to Christmas.

This is also how it works in the Group of BJORA / Borlind were all staff is well educated and have great knowledge in International Freight Forwarding.

Welcome to try us out you to, you will not and never be disappointed.