To handle Paper Products on export is a today a well known action for us freight forwarders. Some products are so sensetive that they can not barely take the weather conditions here in Scandinavia. Today we for one of our VIP customers handled just this type of cargo. Empty container arrived at our warehouse at 07.00 and the cargo arrived at 07.30…. A direct cross-docking was performed were we loaded the cargo straight from trailer to container, blocked and braced the cargo inside and at same time export customs clearence was performed and at 09.00 the container was on it’s way to port, ready to be shipped to global destinations. This is the life of a freight forwarder, always to work with focus on Just In Time and customer needs. Dear reader, BJORA is a local service provider but we always go the extra mile for keeping our customers and their customers happy not only in Sweden but also globally were our company is hooked up with the elite forwarders in each country. Welcome to join us and to see the diffrent in service.