International Forwarding anno 2016.
Upon special request from the University of Chalmers in Gothenburg BJORA Group AB was invited to give class to their edjucation called SeaLog.
We were also invited to participate in an evening mingel and chat for the students while looking for trainee possibilities during their second year in School.
In the eveing of November 23 we spent a few hours speaking to young people showing interest in our field of work and we find it very interesting that a small forwarder get such an attraction from the younger generation in our industry.
A lot of forwarders and also cariers participated in the event and it felt like the students were quite satisfied with what they learnt during the evening.
BJORA Group AB has stated that we would be interested in asisting further with the edjucation of the next generation Forwarders to come in Sweden.
Eventually we might be happy to welcome a few young students to a trainee seccion with our companies and the next step might be employment if it is the right person….. time will tell………