Nothing is impossible to handle or ship ?
Well studying our various customers needs and finding solutions is a daily task for a forwarder and this is how we perform our work.
All cargo is to be handled with care, all shipments might be similar but by the end of each day they are diffrent.
The flexibility and knowhow of a forwarderwithin BJORA Group is that we need to perform from the top of our knowledge every day to find costsavings and trustworthy solutions.
The pictures shows a scope of diffrent loads we recently handled were we on our customers request not only did perform the loading, lashing in our own facility, we also did it at their own backyard.
That was of course only the local part, we also handled the shipment to final destination incl all extra services around it.
BJORA is a “ONE STOP SHOP”, despite being local in Gothenburg, we reach the globe thru our partners and agents.
No challange will ever be to big for us to handle, welcome and challange us. Team BJORA Group AB