Fall of 2016.
An early morning in October the Management Team of BJORA / Borlind Group meet at Saltholmen in Gothenburg to by ferry travel to the island of Branno.
A day conference to evaluate 2016 and to start working on the budget for 2017.
We also formed a strategy for 1 – 5 years to come and put together a vison and mision for our group of companies.
To do this away from the office was really good and many, many fruitful ideas was discussed and agreed on.
The day conference was held on classic ground in the Gothenburg area and despite being October already the weather was good and the sun gave us a beutiful day were we formed our future.
I wash at this point to thank all our customers and vendors for the trust you give us a rest a sure we are here to servce for many years to come………………………….
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