Loading of “BANANA” flatrack

Sunny weather and special cargo to handle……………
A pretty warm and nice day in October part of our team meet up to together load very special cargo on flatracks at our warehouse.
A so called BANANA loading…………………
To make sure that we always handle and ship cargo for our customers in the most economical way we managed to load plates on flats like a banana.
To always try to find solutions to customers needs is a great focus of BJORA / Borlind team and with all normal traffic out of our way the loading was performed a saturday morning instead of when having a lot of trucks and containers all around the goods.
You can say that the cargo fitted like a glove and when work resumes on monday only the lashing remains and same will be done well in advance of closing in the port on tuesday comming week.
Thanks to the team who performed the work and thanks to the customers who gave us their trust with their cargo.
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Annual Management Conference

Fall of 2016.
An early morning in October the Management Team of BJORA / Borlind Group meet at Saltholmen in Gothenburg to by ferry travel to the island of Branno.
A day conference to evaluate 2016 and to start working on the budget for 2017.
We also formed a strategy for 1 – 5 years to come and put together a vison and mision for our group of companies.
To do this away from the office was really good and many, many fruitful ideas was discussed and agreed on.
The day conference was held on classic ground in the Gothenburg area and despite being October already the weather was good and the sun gave us a beutiful day were we formed our future.
I wash at this point to thank all our customers and vendors for the trust you give us a rest a sure we are here to servce for many years to come………………………….
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Business Trip to China – Meeting with agent City Ocean

First International trip overseas for our young team of managers. Mrs Ida and Mrs Laila went on a short and intensive trip to China to meet our nominated agent City Ocean in Shenzhen.
I am confident that this trip brought a lot of good memories and positive possibilities for our future.
We as BJORA Group is proude to be the official agent of City Ocean here in Scandinavia and as well happy about to have them as our agent in Asia and other parts of the world to work with while serving our customers.
The local company BJORA is a local company but works globally thru our agent and always look after our customers interest in the various parts of the world.
Welcome to join us to with your shipments, we promisse to handle your cargo with perfection.

Visiting Wallenius Wilhelmsen

The life of a forwarder.
The life of a forwarder means a lot of interesting and challenging tasks.
One day in China and next day in Sweden attending seminars in cargo handling and safe stowage inckluding proper blocking and bracing.
The pictures is taken onboard a vessel in the port of Gothenburg and is only a few hours after one of our team-members returned from China were she spent 5 days visiting our agent.
Being a local forwarder in Gothenburg, performing global work for our customers means that we all the time needs to stay focused on our job and to learn more about eventual new rules and regulations taken in to account when we perform our work.
Welcome to us with your requests and you will be surpriced what we can do for you and your cargo.