About Our Team


 Johan Björklund

Johan Björklund

CEO and President
Direct:  +46 31 22 20 31

Email: Johan.bjorklund@bjoragroup.com

Started with Schenker in Sweden 1977 and held positions such as General Oceanfreight and Project Manager.
Joined steamshipline agent Aseco 1998 as CEO for Projects and Logistics.
1999 joined Circle / EGL and held position as VP and Director of Oceanfreight for EGL Scandinavia.
Started JAS Forwarding in Sweden 2003 and developed JAS in Scandinavia. Held the position as Regional Managing Director for 11 years. Joining BJORA Group as CEO and President.

Lars Radnäs

Lars Radnäs

CFO and Vice President
Direct:  +46 31 22 20 32
Email:  Lars.radnas@bjoragroup.com

Started his carreer in the Pharmaceuticals Industry, with Mediada AB 1980. Assistant Financial Manager
Continued with companies such as Nobel Biocare, Pharmatec and Fermenta Pharaceuticals during the years 1982-2000 as Financial Manager. Joined Bergendals EL in 2000 and continued to 2009 also in same position.
Joined JAS Forwarding in 2009 and held the position such as Financial and IT Manager.
Started BJORA Group in Sweden 2015-03-02 and is CFO and Vice President .

Ida Grev

Ida Grev

Manager Ocean Traffics Imports and Exports
Direct:  +46 31 22 20 33
Email:   ida.grev@bjoragroup.com

Started her careers at Volvo in 2008 as material controller.
Joined Logent in 2012 and handled forwaring work with ro/ro traffic to the UK imports and exports.
Joined JAS Forwarding in fall of 2012 and performed both import and export shipments to a great success.
Joining BJORA Group AB and becoming Manager Ocean Traffics Imports and Exports.

 Per-Ove Andersson

Per-Ove Andersson

Senior Advisor
Direct:  +46 31 22 20 34
Email: per-ove.andersson@bjoragroup.com

Worked for over a year in Germany (Bremen) before moving back to Gothenburg to join Schenkers.
His careers with Schenker kicked off in 1969 and he became the Manager for the Oceanfreight D epartment in Gothenburg.
In 1984 he became the ultimate Manager for Schenkers Ocean activities in Sweden. Joined JAS in Sweden 2006 and held the position as Manager Special Accounts. In 2015 he is now joining BJORA Group as Senior Advisor.

Laila Haider

Maher Alsahaf

Manager Airfreight
Direct:  +46 31 22 20 35
ail: maher.alsahaf@bjoragroup.com

Graduated from Santa Monica Colleage in California after 2 years of studies in Business Administration.
Joined JAS Forwarding as clerk in airfreight 2014, and left for Agility in November 2017. Is now joining BJORA Group per January 2018 and is taking the position as Manager Airfreight.

Luciano Palato

Cargo Specialist
Direct:  +46 739 95 11 52

Been working in the import industry mainly handling motorcycles and parts since the early 1960’s.

Joined BJORA Group in February 2017 and is responsible for cargo handling on BJORA key-accounts.

Sizar Ibrahim

Customs Forwarder and inside Sales
Direct:  + 46 735 34 48 21
Email: sizar.ibrahim@borlind.nu

Been in the forwarding industry (JAS Forwarding) since 2004 and joining BJORA Group in October 2017, as Forwarder for customs related administration. Also performing inside sales for the entire group.

Susanne Bjurhult

Forwarder Oceanfreight
Direct:  + 46 735 28 09 13                       
Email:  susanne.bjurhult@bjoragroup.com

After 26 years in the wholesale industry where she held among other a positions in the overseas export department, she joins BJORA Group as of 2018-01-01 to continue the work in the oceanfreight department.